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Please click on the start button to see a short clip of the concert with the Fron MVC. Many thanks to Mr McNaughton who took the video

Latest Spring Term 2016 Events

End of First Spring Half Term11Feb2016

PTFA Spring Disco11Feb2016

3:15 pm - 8:00 pm @ School Hall

Letter will go out nearer to the date with more precise details

Tag Rugby - Y3/411Feb2016

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm @ Idsall School

Staff PD Day - Inspire Maths12Feb2016

@ School Hall

Parents' Consultation Evening08Mar2016

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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Adrian Marsh @headstandrews

26 Jan Website updated with information about the New Primary Curriculum (slides from recent meeting) and summary of Assessment guidelines. Enjoy!

18 Jan @GreenAcres_Farm @ShropshireStar One of the school's past pupils, Sophie Weston, did play at Wimbledon - pre match for juniors!

18 Jan @GreenAcres_Farm @ShropshireStar ...and current stars! Jimmy Price and Sanisa Golar are pupils in KS2. There are others in the photo too!

15 Dec 2015 Wonderful and very colourful KS1 nativity. Thanks to the children, staff and parents. Photos and slideshow are on the school's website.


The online Booking Form for Mrs Newth's Parents' Evenings will be live from Thursday, 11th Feb starting at 6.00 pm. Please look under the Virtual Office tab. You will need: Child's First Name (known as); Child's Surname and Registration/Class (e.g. Class 6 - with capital C and space between Class and number))

Mission Statement

Welcome to St. Andrew’s CE Primary School, Shifnal, a vibrant, inclusive and popular primary school where excellence is celebrated.  Through our Christian values and ethos, our children are inspired to learn in an environment that encourages individuality, creativity and independence in our happy, safe and supportive school. This is exemplified within our banner photographs. Children enjoy our regular visits to Greenacres Farm where lessons are taught in context; our strong links with St. Andrew’s Church; the partnership with Bilibili FYM Primary in Kimilili, Kenya; the wealth of outdoor learning opportunities – particularly our Forest School; the creative curriculum inside the classroom; our excellent reputation for music and PE and their sheer love of learning.

(bar methord) Maths Problems inspired by Inspire Maths

maths problem by jack

Y6 Maths (Y6Maths) on: (bar methord) Maths Problems inspired by Inspire Maths

Alex went to the shop and bought 21 bunches of 21 bananas each banana costing £57.20. He got home and shared the bananas between 21 people who each received 3 bananas.

How many bananas has Alex got left?

How much are the bananas that are left with Alex worth?(round answer to nearest thousandth.)  


Maths problem by Tommy Newman

Y6 Maths (Y6Maths) on: (bar methord) Maths Problems inspired by Inspire Maths

If Jeff earns 234,521 potatoes a year. If a potato is worth £56.38 how much money does Jeff earn a year? Then someone at his work gave all his potatoes to Jeff which are worth £21.21 and he has 678,560 potatoes how much money does Jeff have altogether?


Maths problem by jack

Y6 Maths (Y6Maths) on: (bar methord) Maths Problems inspired by Inspire Maths

If a sweet shop has 57 sweets and the government think the shop is so good that they give them 8 times the amount of sweets the shop originally had. How many sweets does the shop now have?

A robber then came in and stole a quarter of the sweets. Now how many sweets do the shop have?  


Graces maths problem

Y6 Maths (Y6Maths) on: (bar methord) Maths Problems inspired by Inspire Maths

Libbie has twice as many sweets as Holly.  If the total of sweets is 63. How many sweets does Libbie have? 


Maths Problems by Megan

Y6 Maths (Y6Maths) on: (bar methord) Maths Problems inspired by Inspire Maths

Ava had 3 times more sweets than Colin. They have 92 sweets altogether. How many sweets does Ava have?


The Jamaicans had 3 times more tall buildings than Africa. They have 40 tall buildings altogether. How many tall buildings does Jamaica have? 


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