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New Guidelines Covid-9

As you may be aware the Government guidelines around testing for Covid 19, ‘What to do if you are a close contact, or have tested positive for Covid 19,’ have changed and are due to change again on Monday.  Currently, if you are contacted to say that your child has been identified as a close contact of a positive case of

Covid 19 in their class, you are advised to:

• Test your child for 7 days with a LFT. If your child becomes symptomatic, then you should
book them a PCR test.
They may continue to attend school unless they become symptomatic or test positive on a LFT.

• If a child now has a positive LFT but they are asymptomatic then they still need to isolate for
10 days (if negative LFT on day 6 and day 7 they return on day 7).

• If a child tests positive on a LFT and has symptoms, then they are advised to take a PCR and
isolate and LFT test as above.