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School Office 

We will still have to stagger school start and end times in September

Children will still have a 30-minute lunch time. The amount of time taught remains the same.

Yr 1 and 2    8.45 am start- 2.45pm pick up.

Yr 3 and 4 start-3.00 pm pick up.

Yr 5 amd 6   9.15am start-3.15pm pick up.


If you have more than one child, you may drop off ALL children at once. Drop off at the EARLIER time and pick them ALL up at the LATER-eg yr 1 and yr 3, children will be dropped off at 8.45 am and picked up 3.00pm.

Children will wait quietly in their class with a low-level activity until they join their older sibling outside.

YEAR 6 pupils may walk home unescorted with parental permission, but they may not walk younger siblings home Arrangements for collection will be explained more fully in a letter during the last week of the holiday. We wanted you to know times as soon as possible as it may help with arrangements you will need to make.

New Reception pupils in September have all been contacted about a phased school start, with arrival and end times. It would not be appropriate for new reception pupils to be waiting for older siblings

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