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Safer Schools

Our school is a ‘Safer School’

West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council support our school with the Safer School initiative. We are an accredited ‘Safer School’ and proud of our Safer School sign and certificate. The accreditation is reviewed every two years.

 The initiative is a holistic, practical and realistic approach to school security and personal safety. It gives our school a clear focus on the subject and turns a negative subject into a positive one. It sets a minimum standard for school security.

The essential elements of the ‘Safer School’ process include:-

  • Implementing a security policy that the governors have adopted.
  • Consulting parents/carers and pupils/students for their views and updating them on any progress.
  • Publicity of Safer Schools to school staff, pupils, school neighbours, parents and prospective parents.
  • Establishing a Safer School Group. This Safer School Group is a partnership of school stakeholders – Headteacher/Deputy, staff, governors, parents, pupils, neighbours, Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police.
  • Regularly reviewing and implementing good practice and essential security/safety measures for staff, pupils, the site and assets.
  • Educating pupils through the Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum programme or the Safer School folder.
  • A daily procedure for recording incidents should they occur i.e. trespass, burglary, theft, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, arson, suspicious activity etc., both during school hours and out-of hours.  
  • Solving real problems rather than perceived problems. Prioritising work (if any) and reviewing action.
  • If there are security issues i.e.. vandalism, anti-social behaviour etc., the intention of the initiative is to reduce/eliminate the issues.


Safer Schools’ November 2019

The involvement of St Andrew’s C. E. Primary School in the ‘Safer Schools’ initiative is first class!! Mrs MacMillan, with the support of Mrs Hammond, recently held a ‘Safer School Group’ meeting at the school and it was attended by the Police and myself representing Shropshire Council. A thorough meeting, covering all aspects of the security/safety process. This included a pro-active approach to security/safety, reflecting on any school issues and planning for the future. The work during the year and in preparation for the meeting was exceptionally good. The main discussions during the meeting were the highway outside the school and future building improvements. Overall, an excellent example of ‘Safer School’ involvement and a future meeting is scheduled for Autumn 2020. Congratulations on maintaining your ‘Safer School’ accreditation as the school received an updated certificate.


Ian Bartlett

Crime Prevention Officer

Shropshire Council