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Welcome to the UKS2 Home Learning Page for the week beginning Monday 1st March.

Here is an overview of the lessons planned for the children at home and at school this week.



This week’s learning, with Mr Kelsall from Oak National Academy, continues to look at how to calculate with fractions (including mixed numbers).  There are a range of pictorial representations and applications to problem-solving contexts, including measures. 

For an additional challenge, please explore the NRich website where the children will find lots of problem solving and reasoning activities to investigate. 

Monday: Add and subtract fractions with a common denominator: improper fractions.

Tuesday: Add and subtract fractions fluently.

Wednesday: Multiply a fraction by a whole number.

Thursday: Multiply a mixed number fraction.

Friday: My Maths lesson and ‘homework’ - skills application.


This week’s reading task is entitled ‘Abandon Ship.’ The children will complete a vocabulary and comprehension task.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will consist of grammar lessons focused on the active and passive voice which is a further feature of explanation texts. The children will learn about why we use these sentence structures and how to write them. We will continue to use a range of example texts, including ‘Wallace and Gromit’s Amazing Contraptions,’ to model and practise writing tasks.

Links for pre-recorded grammar lessons will be included in 2Do lists. 


This week’s spelling focuses on words with silent letters at the start, for example, wreckage. 

The children will be provided with spelling lists and supporting activities. 

A challenge list and activities, based on the statutory Y5/6 spelling words, will be provided for some children.

Children who have been receiving intervention will be provided with appropriate spelling lists and activities.

We would be really grateful if you could support your child by completing a spelling test at the end of the week. These could be photographed and uploaded onto Purple Mash or Dojo.


Please could the children set aside a regular time each day to read either an online with 'GetEpic' or a hard copy book of their choice. 

Foundation Subjects

Links for pre-recorded lessons for all foundation subjects will be included in 2Do lists on Purple Mash.

Science: Properties and Changes of Materials


Science this week, introduces the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. The children will use these criteria to compare properties of materials and will select some of their own criteria to make further comparisons.

The concepts of evaporation and condensation will be introduced and they will begin to consider the relevance of temperature in changing the state of matter.

The children will apply cross-curricula skills, using their knowledge from English lessons, to write an explanation about the water cycle.

Geography: Fairtrade Fortnite

The children will begin a new geography topic this term. However, before they truly begin on the content of this unit of work, we are taking the opportunity to explore Fairtrade Fortnite which always occurs during the last week of February and the first week of March each year.

The children will investigate where our food comes from and explore sustainability.

RE: What kind of king is Jesus? 

This lesson will begin our new theme. The children will be introduced to key vocabulary before exploring big ideas about some problems facing the world.  What are people doing to help solve them?

They will also start to make some links between Christian beliefs about Jesus the king and what his kingdom is like. 

French: Places in town.

This week, the children will be looking at plurals for places in town and thinking about how any adjective used must also be made plural in French.  They will then change singular noun phrases into plurals and translate some extended noun phrases and sentences from English into French.

PE: Fitness

The link will take the children to the new East Shropshire School Sports Partnership Channel. 

Here they will find a range of videos, recorded by the Idsall team, to help support their health and well-being. Whether this is in school or remote learning, these videos aim to engage, motivate and maintain activity levels. The Y5/6 children will be following the Fitness lessons.