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Welcome to the UKS2 Home Learning Page for the week beginning Monday 22nd February.

Here is an overview of the lessons planned for the children at home and at school this week.




This week’s learning begins with a recap of improper fractions, mixed numbers and equivalent fractions before teaching how to calculate addition and subtraction with fractions. 

Introducing… Mr Kelsall!  A new face will lead us through these Oak National Academy online lessons.  Each day’s lesson marks a progression from the previous one.  The children will notice that he builds carefully on prior learning yet moves the learning forward to teach new concepts and applications. 

Monday: Converting between proper and improper fractions.

Tuesday: Equivalent Fractions.

Wednesday: Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

Thursday: Add and subtract fractions with a common denominator.

Friday: To check the children’s understanding, they will work through a lesson in My Maths and submit a ‘homework’ task.




This week’s reading task is entitled ‘Arachnophobia.’ The children will complete a vocabulary and comprehension task for this non-fiction text.

Before half term, the children explored the features of instruction texts by following and improving instructions for a number of card games. We continue our unit by revisiting the features of this genre and look at a specific language feature: adverbs of time and order. They will use Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions, ‘The Tellyscope,’  to practise and the  'Christmas Cardomatic’ to create their own set of instructions.

As we progress through the week, the children will be introduced to explanation texts. They will explore the features and make comparisons with those of instructions through a variety of texts including Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraption, ‘The Snoozatron.’

Lesson links will be included in 2Do lists for the children to follow for pre-recorded lessons for some of the English this week.


This week’s spelling focus is on adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in      -fer

The children will be provided with spelling lists and supporting activities. 

A challenge list and activities, based on the statutory Y5/6 spelling words, will be provided for some children.

Children who have been receiving intervention will be provided with appropriate spelling lists and activities.

We would be really grateful if you could support your child by completing a spelling test at the end of the week. These could be photographed and uploaded onto Purple Mash or Dojo.


Please could the children set aside a regular time each day to read either an online with 'GetEpic' or a hard copy book of their choice. 

Foundation Subjects


Science: Properties and Changes of Materials

The children will begin a new topic this week by comparing and grouping together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, transparency and response to magnets.

Children will be asked to explore the scientific vocabulary for a variety of properties. They will also carry out an investigation to test a selection of materials to find their properties and consider how this knowledge helps us to determine the best use for these materials.

There will be a link for the children to follow for a pre-recorded lesson.

Art: Using Lines

Art this week explores another way to use lines in drawing, this time to create depth, movement and perspective. The children will learn how to create a simple landscape using lines to create texture and structure.

Music: Cup Percussion 2

Classic Rock Drum Groove

We don’t all have drums, drumsticks, cymbals and shakers at home, so last time we used a plastic drinking cup to play rhythms and patterns along to a pop song. This week, we will use our cups to learn a basic rock groove that is usually played on the drum kit.

 PSHE: Friends  

We all need friends, and we all want to be a good one.  Sometimes problems happen in friendships and friends can fall out.

This PSHE lesson considers what makes a good friend and asks you to think of some possible solutions to the problems people might have with their friendships.

PE: Fitness

The link will take the children to the new East Shropshire School Sports Partnership Channel. 

Here they will find a range of videos, recorded by the Idsall team, to help support their health and well-being. Whether this is in school or remote learning, these videos aim to engage, motivate and maintain activity levels. The Y5/6 children will be following the Fitness lessons.