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Welcome to the UKS2 Home Learning Page for the week beginning Monday 8th February.

Here is an overview of the lessons planned for the children at home and at school this week.



This week’s learning brings together fractions, decimals and division. 

The Oak Academy lessons begin the week with methods for short division which will be a reminder for Year 6 but may be new for Year 5. Some children may want to use a calculator to support them if necessary. This topic will be revisited later in the year to ensure that all children can consolidate their learning.

A My Maths lesson and ‘homework’ task will follow on from these sessions.  Remember that lesson pages can be revisited as many times as the children need to (and use the practise version of the task) before submitting the ‘homework’ task.

It’s almost half term, so we’ve directed the children to a page of games and challenges from NRich for the last two days.  This is a website that provides problem solving and reasoning activities and gives them the opportunity to apply the skills that they have been learning to a variety of contexts.  They can choose from a selection of games and challenges at the appropriate level (One star = easier, two stars = harder). We would encourage the children to use practical resources to support them in their investigation.  For example, this could be pasta to represent counters - whatever you have around the house.

Some suggestions for activities that the children might like to try have been included with this week's instructions.

Monday:  Fractions and division (part one).

Tuesday:  Fraction and division (part two).

Wednesday:  Fractions to decimals (My Maths)

Thursday:  NRich problem solving and reasoning activities.

Friday:  NRich problem solving and reasoning activities. 


This week, we are introducing a new unit of work based on instructions. We will begin with vocabulary and comprehension reading tasks using a text entitled 'A Recipe for Disaster'. This is possibly a more challenging text this week and will require the children to focus on making sure that they have thoroughly explored the definitions of unfamiliar words and will test their inferencing skills.

They will be asked to write their own 'Recipe for Disaster' or for those wanting to consider something more challenging, they could create a 'Recipe for Harmony'.

Lessons on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will begin to explore the features of instructions by introducing the children to a series of card games. We are hoping that this will provide them with a fun opportunity to identify what makes a good or bad set of instructions whilst learning to play a game at the same time.

The week will end with the children being provided with a particularly poor set of instructions which they will have to unravel and improve. 



This week’s spelling focus words are 'adverbs of time.' These words will support the children in their new unit of work for English.

The children will be provided with spelling lists and supporting activities. Additional activities have been provided this week such as handwriting practise and a wordsearch. These are optional as, unfortunately, they will need to be printed to be completed. However, printed copies can be collected from school if need be.

A challenge list and activities, based on the statutory Y5/6 spelling words, will be provided for some children.

Children who have been receiving intervention will be provided with appropriate spelling lists and activities.

We would be really grateful if you could support your child by completing a spelling test at the end of the week. These could be photographed and uploaded onto Purple Mash or Dojo.


Some of the children have made a great start in visiting and choosing books from the  'GetEpic' online library for children aged 12 and under. The children will have instant access to over 35,000 books in a safe child friendly environment without adds or in-app purchases. There are thousands of high quality books, audio books and learning videos available.  The children's choices are logged, and suggestions of books will be made to them based on their previous reading.  If you haven't had the opportunity to take a look, why not give it a try over half term.

Please could the children set aside a regular time each day to read either an online or hard copy book of their choice. 

Foundation Subjects


Science: Earth and Space

The children will be asked to use the knowledge they have gained about the planets, through lessons and their own research, to design their own planet. They will be asked to draw an annotated diagram which demonstrates that they have considered how it will fit between other planets within our solar system. 

Art: Using Lines

During the following art sessions, the children will explore how to create texture, perspective and the effect of light on objects using lines.

The first lesson begins by exploring shading and introduces the children to techniques such as hatching, cross-hatching, stipple and scumble.

This unit aims to provide techniques that are really accessible and allows the children to achieve an effective outcome.

History: Ancient Egypt

The children will complete their learning on the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and their exploration of the information around ‘King Tut’ and should hand in their newspaper reports. 


Some children will have already handed in a draft and received feedback with details on how to edit and re-draft their work. All final drafts should also be submitted by the end of this week.

RE: The five pillars of Islam.

This is our final session exploring ‘What are the five pillars of Islam?’

Our focus is on how Muslims celebrate the two ‘Eid’ or 'Id' festivals.  They are very important occasions in the Islamic calendar, and the children will discover more about them.  They should be making connections between previous week’s learning and even the practices of other religions studied.

We’ve asked for their learning to be demonstrated in an information text, but this could take a variety of forms (for example, a leaflet, webpage or news podcast). 

French: Places in a town.

In French, the children will be learning more adjectives to describe places in town and working on where the adjective is placed in a noun phrase.  They will then create their own noun phrases and sentences using sentence builder cards. If the children would like to share their sentences, they can either send in a photograph or record them onto the template provided in Purple Mash.

PE: Fitness

The link will take the children to the new East Shropshire School Sports Partnership Channel. 

Here they will find a range of videos, recorded by the Idsall team, to help support their health and well-being. Whether this is in school or remote learning, these videos aim to engage, motivate and maintain activity levels. The Y5/6 children will be following the Fitness lessons.