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Welcome to the UKS2 Home Learning Page for the week beginning Monday 25th January.

Here is an overview of the lessons planned for the children at home and at school this week.



Improper fractions and mixed numbers will be the focus of the children’s maths learning.  Oak National Academy video lessons will be supplemented by My Maths lessons and tasks set in the children's My Maths portal.

Children will explore visual representations of fractions greater than one and apply their learning to a variety of contexts – including how to share out pizzas fairly!

Monday:  Improper Fractions (Part One)

Tuesday:  Improper Fractions (Part Two)

Wednesday:  Introducing Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Thursday:  Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Friday:  Comparing Mixed and Improper Fractions – Bar Model


Continuing our work on autobiography and biography, this week we will turn to biography.

Lessons will begin on Monday and Tuesday with a focus on reading. The children will read a biographical text about the astronaut, Chris Hadfield. They will explore the vocabulary in the text and complete a comprehension task on the content.

The remainder of the week will be preparing the children to write a biography about Michael Rosen. This will follow a planning format that the children are familiar with. 

They will be asked to complete the following steps:

Draw on information gathered about Michael Rosen at the beginning of this unit and build on it through further research.

Use examples of biographies that they have already read during this unit, or perhaps find examples of their own if they feel they need to, to inform the style of their own writing.

Use success criteria based on the features of a biography which they should aim to include in their writing.

Draft a biography and check it against the success criteria to edit and make any necessary changes or improvements.

Submit a final draft.

This is a process which can take a little while and therefore will be reflected in the hand in date.



Challenge Week

This week’s spelling focus words have been selected from the Y5/6 statutory spelling list.

The children will be provided with spelling lists and supporting activities.

A challenge list and activities, also based on the statutory Y5/6 spelling words, will be provided for some children.

Children who have been receiving intervention will be provided with appropriate spelling lists and activities.

We would be really grateful if you could support your child by completing a spelling test at the end of the week. These could be photographed and uploaded onto Purple Mash or Dojo.


Their will be reading comprehension tasks on Monday and Tuesday in English this week.

Please could the children set aside a regular time each day to read a book of their choice. 

Foundation Subjects


Science: Earth and Space

The children will learn about the phases of the moon. They will watch videos and look at diagrams to support their understanding about what part we see of the moon depends on where it is when orbiting the Earth.

They will also be asked to complete a 'Moon Diary'. This will involve a moon watch for a month, from 28th January to 28th February, recording what they see. 

History: Ancient Egypt

History looks at the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and a little of the knowledge we have around ‘King Tut’. The lesson includes a Power Point with links to a YouTube clip; a National Geographic video; a  BBC clip; and a newspaper article to scaffold the children's learning.

They will be reporters this week and will submit a newspaper report about Tutankhamun. There will be a template available on Purple Mash should they wish to use it.

There is a great deal of information to process in this session and their ‘deadline’ will be in 2 weeks’ time – just before half-term.

Music: Percussion.

We are being supported by the Shropshire Music Service to provide music lessons for the children.

For this music lesson, children will have fun learning to play cup percussion along with the Elton John classic song ‘I’m Still Standing’. 

RE: The five pillars of Islam.

This week, we continue to explore the question ‘What are the five pillars of Islam?’

What people believe and what they do (or ‘practise’) are often closely linked.  The children will notice this as they view videos and read slides about the five pillars (duties that are expected of a Muslim). 

The children will have a choice of response tasks. 

PE: Fitness

The children have been provided with a link to the new East Shropshire School Sports Partnership Channel where they will find a range of videos, recorded by the Idsall team, to help you to support the health and well-being of young people in your care, whether this is in school or remote learning. These videos aim to engage, motivate and maintain activity levels. The Y5/6 children will be following the Fitness lessons.