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Welcome to the UKS2 Home Learning Page for the week beginning Monday 11th January.

Here is an overview of the lessons planned for the children at home and at school this week.



This week the children will begin work on fractions. They will receive links, via their 2Do lists on Purple Mash, to Oak National Academy which is a government backed website to support remote learning. Oak delivers a sequenced curriculum, with some elements of choice, which can be used flexibly by schools as their main remote provision - or to complement other parts of remote provision.

The children will receive a 20 minute teacher-led lesson, a related activity, and be given an opportunity to mark their work with the online teacher.

We will be able to collect the results of online quizzes and tests to monitor progress.

Monday: Introduction - What is a fraction.

Tuesday: Representing Fractions.

Wednesday: Equivalent Fractions.

Thursday: Tenths and Hundredths.

Friday: Activity to monitor progress.



In English this week, we will begin a new unit of work. The children will start by studying one of their favourite poets and authors: Michael Rosen. Through his poetry, they will begin to learn about the person and his life.

During the week, they will be given the opportunity to listen to a short story and explore the language and imagery in some of his poems, with an emphasis on some of his autobiographical work. The children will gather and record information as they go. 

This week's lessons will begin to scaffold the unit's outcome and will not always require something to be handed in.


This week's spelling focus is 'ible' and 'able'.

The children will be provided with spelling lists and supporting activities.

A challenge list and activities, based on the statutory Y5/6 spelling words, will be provided for some children.

Children who have been receiving intervention will be provided with appropriate spelling lists and activities.

We would be really grateful if you could support your child by completing a spelling test at the end of the week. These could be photographed and uploaded onto Purple Mash or Dojo.


Please could the children set aside a regular time each day to read. 

Foundation Subjects


Science: Earth and Space

Last week, the children were introduced to our new topic by looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon. This week they will use the ideas of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.

History: Ancient Egypt

Continuing our topic on Ancient Egypt, the children will learn about the process of making papyrus, a very important part of how the Ancient Egyptians recorded their knowledge and history. 

The outcome of this lesson will be to have a go at making their own papyrus. They will be provided with instructions and paper bags will be available to collect from school should you need to. We have been promised a delivery of these bags on Wednesday 

French: Places in a town.

This week the children will build on work from last term and focus on vocabulary for places they find in a town. They will learn how to structure simple oral and written sentences.

RE: The Five Pillars of Islam

Our key question for the half term is 'What are the five pillars of Islam?'.

Approximately 1.8 billion people follow this religion worldwide and over 3 million in the UK - so it's important for the children to have an awareness of its key beliefs and practises.

They will begin by looking at what the pillars represent.


On Friday afternoon at school, the children will be participating in a P.E. lesson. We would like the children at home to dedicate one afternoon each week to some form of physical activity. We will post some ideas and suggestions in their 2Do lists but it could be that they just go for a walk or follow an online exercise programme. Whatever suits you and them best.