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Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hello everyone,

It has been VERY warm in school this week! This has made it difficult to concentrate at times; we're sure you have found it tricky too.

We hope you have checked to see if you have been awarded any Dojo points.  We have done our best to make sure that we have given points to the children who have already shared work as well as giving out more points for new work sent to us.

News about the summer term picnics has been sent to your parents this week. We will post a video on Dojo which will give you more information. We are really looking forward to seeing you all!


English this week is once again closely linked to science. We are going to ask you to become fossil experts and produce a script for a TV interview.

Please read the task details before you begin.

 Task Details.docxDownload
 Transcript of interview.docDownload
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Words spelled with ’ie’ after c

You may know a rhyme that provides a rule for this week's spelling focus. However, you will need to be careful, there a quite a few exceptions! 

 Challenge 19.pptxDownload
 i before e.pptxDownload
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This week's investigation is a little 'tricky' and might help you think of similar tricks of your own.

 Unlucky Seven Eleven.docxDownload
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Romero Britto

Now that you have become true Britto experts, it's time to try something of your own in his style.

 Draw your own.pptxDownload
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How can following God bring freedom and justice?  

Can you remember any of the ten commandments from last week's lesson? This week we are going to look at them a little more closely.

 home learning 29.6.20..docxDownload
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Evolution and Inheritance: Fossils

This week, we are going to be looking at the evidence around us that helps explain how living things have changed over time. We are going to learn all about how fossils provide one of the most valuable forms of evidence.

You might like to begin this week by reading the slides. The link to the clips will take you to a page where you can watch a short video, fill the gaps and take the quiz. If you scroll to the bottom of this page there is a link to a further page that will support you with your learning.

Finally, use the Fossil Record to help you complete the mind map.

 Evolution and Inheritance Slide5.pdfDownload
 Fossil Mind Map.docxDownload
 Fossil Record.docxDownload
 Link to clip.docxDownload
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Brazil: Culture

This week you will explore the customs of Brazil.

 Lesson 9.docxDownload
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Ca Va? 

Wow!  There was quite a lot to get our heads around with those numbers last week!  If you didn’t get chance to finish the work from  last week, don’t worry, just carry on with it again this week.  If you did finish, there are some ideas and links on the lesson details sheet to help you get ready for next week’s French lesson. 

 Lesson Details.docxDownload
 Months of the Year.pptxDownload
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