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Week Beginning  27.04.20

Hello children,

We hope you like the new look of our page.

Here are some more activities for you to try including a new topic for geography and art. 

Please don't worry if you find some things a little tricky, you could just have a go at the bits that interest you.


The link below will take you to the Bitesize Daily Lessons website. Try out some of these lessons and let us know what you think.

 Bitesize Daily Lessons.docxDownload
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Let's pick up our spellings from where we left off. This week's focus is adverbs of time.

There is also a challenge list for the children who usually have extra words to practise.

 Adverbs of Time.pptxDownload
 Challenge 15.pptxDownload
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The link below will take you to daily maths lessons on the White Rose website if you would like to try them out as an alternative to My Maths. If you are unsure about any of the concepts, you can always use the My Maths lessons as well to support your learning.

We would love to know what you think of White Rose maths.

 White Rose.docxDownload
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The Art and Craft Movement

During our topic on 'The Industrial Revolution', we learnt about famous engineers and inventors. There were also some important artists and designers that had a significant impact at this time.

Let's begin our art topic on 'The Art and Craft Movement' by finding out about some of these artists and what this movement was all about.

Watch the clip, read the powerpoint and then answer the questions.

 The Art and Craft Movement.docxDownload
 Victorian Art and Craft Movement.pptxDownload
 Video Link.docxDownload
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Changing Circuits

Investigate how the components in a circuit can be changed.

Look at the slides, try out the interactive activity and have a go at the task.

 Changing Circuits Slide2.pdfDownload
 Changing Circuits Work2.pdfDownload
 Interactive activity1.docxDownload
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This is the new topic that we would have started this term. Let's begin by looking at the location of this country.

 Locating Brazil wk1.docxDownload
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