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Week Beginning 18.05.20

Hello children,

It's almost half term and we're coming to the end of our science and art topics. We have therefore included activities for you to apply  some of the things you have learnt.

This also means of course that there will be some new projects to look forward to in June!


Independent Writing Task

We would like to focus on a writing task this week. We have prepared a sequence of activities that will support you in writing a newspaper report. We have chosen a subject that we hope you will enjoy and would love to read your finished report.

 Newspaper Report.docxDownload
 Planning Guidance.docxDownload
 Sequence of activities.docxDownload
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Words ending in -fer

Continuing with our focus on the rules for adding suffixes to words ending in -fer, please try to:

  • Complete a spelling test.
  • Begin a new spelling list that includes any words that you have found tricky or have misspelled.
  • Explore other words ending with -fer and add them to your new list. 

We have attached a memory game to play with a partner.

 Memory Game.pptxDownload
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Being able to discuss strategies and consider different ways of solving the same problem are an important part of maths. This week, we have included a couple of activities that will give you the opportunity to do this. You might like to try them and perhaps create similar activities of your own. If you enjoy them, you could have a look at the NRich website for more.

 Nice or Nasty for Two.docxDownload
 Solutions to Zios and Zepts.docxDownload
 Zios and Zepts.docxDownload
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The Art and Craft Movement

Who were the other significant members of The Art and Craft Movement? What were they famous for?

We are going to bring our art topic to a close by asking you to look more closely at one of the other members of the movement and begin a mini project which might take some of you into the half term holiday to complete.

 Explore other members of The Art and Craft Movement.docxDownload
 Victorian Art and Craft Movement.pptxDownload
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Changing Circuits: Application

We have come to the end of our science topic on electrical circuits so now it's time to try and apply some of the skills that you have been practising.

This week, we would like you to design an activity or a game that relies on either a series or parallel circuit to play/use. The task is attached with a link to a clip which might provide you with some ideas and inspiration.

 Design a game or activity.docxDownload
 My Electrical Circuit Design.docxDownload
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Brazil: The Amazon Rain Forest

This week, we are going to explore the largest rain forest in the world!

We are aware that some of you have had difficulty accessing the slides for these lessons. Therefore, we have embedded them within the word document as well as uploading a separate PDF file. Please let us know if you continue to have any problems.

 Amazon rain Forest. Slide 4.pdfDownload
 The Amazon Rain Forest Week 4.docxDownload
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How did you get on with learning numbers last week?

Some of them are quite tricky so spend some time making sure that you really understand them. There is another PowerPoint here to help you to practise them. You could also use the songs from last week.

The activities from last week are also here for you to choose one to try.


 Activity 1-writing-french-numbers-activity-sheet-_ver_3.pdfDownload
 Activity 2 Translating numbers (1).docxDownload
 Activity 3 - calculations.pptxDownload
 PowerPoint 1 - Counting in tens.pptxDownload
 Word Mat - numbers 20 to 99-french-franais.pdfDownload
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