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Week beginning 22.06.20

Hello everyone,

What a lot of rain!! We hope you have managed to dodge some of the downpours and been able to get outside for some fresh air and exercise.

This week, we have included a section especially for Year 6. With transition to secondary school growing closer, we have attached a link to a project which some of you may already be aware of.  Please take a look at 'Be Awesome, Go Big'.

We are also going to be awarding Dojo points from this week.  They can be given for work that you share with us or, if your parents think that you have been particularly helpful or worked hard on a task, they can let us know and we can award points for that too. Don't worry if you have already shared work, we will check who we owe points to and give those retrospectively (you might need to look that word up in a dictionary).


What's the difference between a biography and an autobiography? 

This week, we have planned a week of work that supports you to understand how to answer this question and to write a biography which has some very close links with this week's science.

Please begin by reading the task timetable.

 Task Timetable.docxDownload
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More silent letters

Continuing with our focus on silent letters, please try to:

  • Complete a spelling test.
  • Begin a new spelling list that includes any words that you have found tricky or have misspelled.
  • Explore other words which have silent letters and add them to your new list. 

We have attached a Spelling Web activity to practise silent letters or challenge words.


 The Spelling Web.pptxDownload
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Year 6

This is especially for you!

Be Awesome, Go Big is a package to help Year 6 students transition into Year 7. It can be used by students and parents at home or in school with teachers in class. It is designed to be motivational, helpful and reassuring and to help young people feel valued, loved, encouraged and equipped for the journey ahead.

Start by scrolling down the page and watching the video. We hope you find this project useful and enjoy it.

 Y6 Transition Link.docxDownload
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Is 25 is a square number?

You might need to remind yourself what a square number is in order to solve this week's investigation.


 Square Numbers solution.docxDownload
 Square Numbers.docxDownload
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Romero Britto

Now that you have had lots of practise at Britto art, this week it's time to try one of your own.

 Draw your own.pptxDownload
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Remember, our key question is:  How can following God bring freedom and justice?

Last time, we found out about the life of Moses. 

What were some of the key events that happened to him? 

This week, we’ll focus on the Ten Commandments.  These were given after God had freed his people from the injustice of slavery in Egypt. 

 home learning 22.6.20..docxDownload
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Evolution and Inheritance: Scientists

This week we will look in more detail at scientists and how their work has helped develop our understanding of the process of evolution. 

Please read the task before you begin.

 Evolution and Inheritance Slide4.pdfDownload
 Fact File.docxDownload
 Task Details .docxDownload
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Brazil: Tourism

This week, we want you to imagine that you have visited Brazil and experienced some of it's beautiful sights.

 A tourist destination week 8.docxDownload
 Tourism Slide8.pdfDownload
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This week we're going to learn some larger numbers in readiness for us to be able to say years and longer dates in French.  Remember to read the lesson details first before starting the PowerPoint

 Activity 1 - Th & H.pdfDownload
 Activity 2 - Th, H & T.pdfDownload
 Actvitity 3 - Th, H, T & U.pdfDownload
 French Numbers Word Mat.pdfDownload
 French Summer Term Lesson 5 UKS2.docxDownload
 PowerPoint 1.pptxDownload
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