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Week beginning 15.06.20

Hello everyone,

All the teachers have been discussing the fantastic work that you have been sharing with us and have decided that we would like to create a display at school which exhibits the work that you have been doing at home as well as the work completed by the children of key workers who have continued to attend school. We hope you like this idea and will continue to send examples to us. Perhaps, if you haven't shared any work yet, you might like to?

We are looking forward to the Y6 children returning this week. However, we will miss all of you who will not be coming back just yet. We are working on a way to bring us together before the end of the summer term and will provide you with more details as soon as we can.


Time for another grammar and punctuation focus this week? 

Let's have another look at Espresso (or Discovery Education) which we have sometimes used to practise grammar and punctuation. We have attached the link again which will take you to the resources where you can choose from 'word', 'sentence' or 'text' level to watch the clip, take the quiz and try out the activity in order to either consolidate something that you have found tricky or try something new.

 Grammar and Punctuation Link.docxDownload
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Silent Letter

There are lots of silent letters in the English language. We are going to explore more this week and, as always, there is a challenge list and related activities for you to download.

 Challenge 18.pptxDownload
 Silent Letters 2.pptxDownload
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We have set some more activities in the Y6 portal in My Maths this week.

For those of you who enjoy an investigation, here's another. It's a great way to apply your mathematical skills!

 All the Digits solution.docxDownload
 All the Digits.docxDownload
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Romero Britto

You really seem to have been inspired by this artist. We have really enjoyed sharing your 'Britto art.'

 3 Romero Britto's art.pptxDownload
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This week our lesson invites you to explore your emotions and how to make sure that you not only think about having a healthy body but also about having a healthy mind.

 activity 1.pdfDownload
 activity 2.pdfDownload
 growth mindset and wellbeing.docxDownload
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Evolution and Inheritance: Evolution

As you work through this week's science, you will notice that we have a very famous, local biologist and naturalist who became well-known for his theories on evolution. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury and was extremely influential in our understanding of life on Earth.

Start by watching the clip and filling the gaps. Read the slides and then you have a choice from 6 tasks. We would like you to complete at least 3 but you can do more if you choose to.

We have also included an evaluation questionnaire for you to complete after each task which asks you to think about how you've got on.

 Evaluation Questionnaire.docxDownload
 Evolution and Inheritance Slide3.pdfDownload
 Link to clip.docxDownload
 Task Instructions.docxDownload
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Brazil: Brazilian Children

Last week you were introduced to Domingo; this week, you have the opportunity to meet some more Brazilian children and learn about their lives.

 A day in the life of a Brazilian Child.docxDownload
 Brazilian time.pptxDownload
 Meet Samir and Samira.pptxDownload
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Bonjour les enfants.  Comment ca va? 

This week we are learning some more times in French.  Read through the lesson information first so you know which PowerPoint and activity you need to look at.

 Activity 1 Digital.docDownload
 Activity 2 Analogue.docDownload
 Challenge Activity (4).docDownload
 French Summer Term Lesson 4 UKS2.docxDownload
 PowerPoint 1 Digital (3).pptxDownload
 PowerPoint 2 Analogue (1).pptxDownload
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