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Week Beginning 11.05.20

There are lots of new things for you on our page this week: some links to old favourites in English and maths; our new spelling focus; the next instalments in our current topics in science, geography and art; a thought provoking R.E. lesson; a French lesson to begin a topic on 'time'; and an exciting competition to design your own computer game with Purple Mash. 

As always, we don't expect you to complete all of it, but we hope there's something for everyone to enjoy!


If some of you would like to take a break from the English programme of study that you may have been following, why not have a grammar and punctuation focus this week?

Lots of you will know Espresso (or Discovery Education) which we have sometimes used to practise grammar and punctuation. We have attached a link to the resources so that you can choose from 'word', 'sentence' or 'text' level to watch the clip, take the quiz and try out the activity in order to either consolidate something that you have found tricky or try something new.

 Grammar and Punctuation Link.docxDownload
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Words ending in -fer

Our new focus is to look at the rules for adding suffixes to words ending in -fer. There is also a new challenge list for those of you who need (or would like to) practise additional words.

 Challenge List 16.pptxDownload
 words ending in -fer.pptxDownload
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Bonjour les enfants! Comment ca va?

In French this term, we are looking at the subject of time.  To start this off, we need to learn or revise our numbers.  Have a look at the Home Learning Guidance first to decide where you need to start and what you would like to do.  There’s also a Word Mat to help you if you need it.  Remember, you don’t need to do it all.

 French Summer Term Lesson 1 UKS2.docxDownload
 PowerPoint 1 - Counting in tens.pptxDownload
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We hope that you are all managing to continue with your maths. Hopefully, you have been able to explore some of the new concepts that we did not have the opportunity to learn together at school.

This week, we have attached the link to 'Daily 10,' a mental maths game that many of you will be familiar with. This is a great activity for practising lots of skills at your own pace.

 Daily 10 link.docxDownload
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The Art and Craft Movement

This week, we are going to build on your own designs and patterns that you have created, and think about how William Morris used his designs to decorate furniture, books and stained glass windows.

 Design Task.docxDownload
 Victorian Art and Craft Movement.pptxDownload
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What would Jesus do?

Our learning question for this session is ‘What would Jesus do?’  Christians want to follow Jesus and apply his teachings to all of their lives. You are going to try to work out what Jesus would do in some tricky situations. It’s not guesswork: it will all be based on what he actually said and did.

 WWJD Task.docxDownload
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Changing Circuits: Series and Parallel Circuits

This week we are going to look at the difference between a series and a parallel circuit. We will look at using the correct symbols to draw them and the different uses for both types of circuit.

We have also included a glossary of scientific vocabulary for you to familiarise yourselves with.

 Changing Circuits Slides.pdfDownload
 Series and Parallel Circuits Activity.docxDownload
 Series and Parallel Link.docxDownload
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Brazil: Climate

What is the difference between weather and climate? 

Find out in this week's geography lesson.

 Climate wk 3.docxDownload
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Purple Mash: Digital Skills

Purple Mash are launching a competition to design a game. You can either design it with your family or independently. We have attached the details but it is entirely up to you whether you want to enter. We understand that for some of you this might be a step too far at the moment but if you enjoy computing, or for the Digital Leaders amongst you, it might be right up your street!

 Games Design Competition Launches Monday.docxDownload
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