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Week Beginning 08.06.20

Hello everyone,

Thank you once again for all the work that you have been sharing with us.

It's almost time for Y6 to return to school. Look out for further details about this on the website a little later this week.

For all of you who will still be working from home, we will continue publishing our Home Learning page and looking forward to sharing your work and messages via ClassDojo.


Writing a recount: Diary 

Thank you for sharing your persuasive letters with us from last week's English lesson. What great points you made!

Once again, we are linking our English to our geography lesson; this time in the form of a diary. As before, we have provided some resources to support you.

 Checklist for Recount written as a Diary.docDownload
 Diary Task.docxDownload
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Silent Letters

Continuing with our focus on silent letters, please try to:

  • Complete a spelling test.
  • Begin a new spelling list that includes any words that you have found tricky or have misspelled.
  • Explore other words which have silent letters and add them to your new list. 

We have attached a Scrabble game to practise silent letters or challenge words.

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As an additional activity to your maths lessons this week, we have attached a little investigation that you might like to try.

 Curious Number 1.docxDownload
 Curious Number Solution.docxDownload
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Romero Britto

Thank you for sharing your Britto cats with us. They are amazing!

There is another opportunity this week to try out something else in this elaborate artist's style.

 2 Romero Britto's art.pptxDownload
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This half term, our question is:

How can following God bring freedom and justice?

Begin to explore this question through life as a slave in Egypt.

 Task Details.docxDownload
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Evolution and Inheritance: Adaptation

This week, we are going to look at the ways in which living things have adapted to their environments. At least one of these environments will be familiar to you as it links with your geography topic.

You may need to find definitions for some unfamiliar vocabulary. Remember, if there is more than one definition, you are looking for the one that fits the scientific context. 

Begin by watching the clip, filling the gaps and taking the quiz. Then, read the slides and complete the tasks.

 Adaptation Task 1.docxDownload
 Adaptation Task 2.docxDownload
 Evolution and Inheritance Slide2.pdfDownload
 Evolution and Inheritance Slide2.pdfDownload
 Link to clip.docxDownload
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Brazil: Life in the city

Learn some incredible facts about one of Brazil's major cities and meet Domingo, a young Brazilian boy.

 Life in the City Slide 6.pdfDownload
 Life in the city wk 6.docxDownload
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Bonjour les enfants!

Carry on with last week’s lesson on telling the time to make sure that you are confident with it.  If you didn’t try last week’s challenge activity, have a look at it this week as it includes some new vocabulary which will be very useful for next week’s lesson.

 Challenge Activity.docxDownload
 PowerPoint 2 - Quarter Past & Quarter To.pptxDownload
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