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Week Beginning 06.07.20

 Hello everyone,

It was so good to see the Year 6 children, who are continuing to work from home, at school this week for their transition video call with Mrs. Reeves from Idsall. Everybody asked some really sensible questions and made good use of the time. 

As the term is drawing to a close, so are our topics with the last science, geography and French lessons this week. We will be publishing our page next week which will include some ideas for the summer holiday. 


Once again your task is closely related to our science. 

I think we could all explain what we mean by a discussion. However, we would usually associate this with talking rather than writing. This week, we are going to learn about how we would write a discussion. I think you will probably recognise some of the features which are similar to writing an argument which we have practised at school. Although we have only tried this from one point of view so far.

There is some guidance for you to read before you begin which includes a video. There is also an example and a practice task.

You might want to complete this over a few days days.

 Discussion Example.docxDownload
 Discussion Task 1.docxDownload
 Task Guidance.docxDownload
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Words spelled with 'ie' after c

Continuing with our focus on words spelled with 'ie' after c, please try to:

  • Complete a spelling test.
  • Begin a new spelling list that includes any words that you have found tricky or have misspelled.
  • Explore other words which follow the same pattern and add them to your new list. 

We have attached 'The Synonym Shack' activity to practise 'ie' or challenge words.

 The Synonym Shack.pptxDownload
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A bit of a brainteaser this week.

Do you know a rhyme which helps you remember the number of days in each month? Perhaps you have another strategy? If you do, it's going to come in very useful! 

 Calendar Sorting explanation.docxDownload
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Sports Day... sort of

As we won't be able to hold a Sports Day at school this year, we thought that you might like to consider trying out some alternative events at home.

We would love to see some photographs. Have fun!

 Sports activities booklet.docxDownload
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Evolution and Inheritance

This is the final lesson in our science topic and explores how humans have impacted on the evolution of plants and animals.

There are slides for you to read and a couple of clips which will help you to understand just how much humans have influenced the characteristics of other living things.

 Evolution and Inheritance Slide6.pdfDownload
 Evolution Discussion Task.docxDownload
 Link to clips.docxDownload
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Brazil: Tourism

Our geography topic is also coming to an end this week. We have loved sharing some of your amazing work. For your final task, we are going to ask you to pull together all the things that you have learned.

 Lesson 10.docxDownload
 tourism power point.pptxDownload
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This is the final week of French before the holiday.  We are now going to put those large numbers into practise and look at how to say dates including the year.  Have a look at the lesson information and then the PowerPoint before you try one of the activities.

 Activity 1.docxDownload
 Activity 2.docxDownload
 French Numbers Word Mat.pdfDownload
 French Summer Term Lesson 7 UKS2.docxDownload
 Lesson PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Word mat.docxDownload
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