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Week Beginning 04.05.20

Hello children,

We hope that you are all safe and well. 

It's important that you are doing some home learning each day; however, it's just as important that you are taking good care of yourselves. We have been thinking about how we can help so, this week, we have included a PSHE lesson on just that: 'Taking Care of Ourselves'. We have also included some links for P.E. for you to try.

Don't forget to take a little time for yourself during the day to read or perhaps listen to a story. We have attached some links to access books which you might like. Have a look at Vashti Hardy's site - 'Darkwhispers' looks really interesting.

 Book Websites.docxDownload
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We hope that some of you have found the Bitesize lessons useful.  Other online lessons are available and if you have found one that you like, that's also great. Please try to do a little each day.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and struggling to fit everything in, the introduction to your spelling for the week can be an English lesson. Don't forget to follow this up with 10 to 15 minutes spelling practice each day.


Adverbs of Time

Just like we do at school when we are all together, we are going to stick with the same focus for a second week.

Please try to:

  • Complete a spelling test.
  • Begin a new spelling list that includes any words that you have found tricky or have misspelled.
  • Explore other time adverbs and add them to your new list.

We have attached the Battleship game which is good fun to play with a partner to practise your spelling.

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Thank you for your feedback on White Rose maths. We're pleased that some of you are really enjoying these lessons. It was also good to hear that some of you have been using other platforms which you have found equally helpful.

We have added some additional activities into the My Maths portal for Y6 which can be accessed with your personal log in details. Please don't think that all of these activities need to be completed; they are there to consolidate some of the concepts that you may need a little more practise in, or new learning that you might have done such as ratio and proportion. Choose as many or as few as you want.


The Arts and Craft Movement

This week, we are going to focus on one of the most influential artists and key members of the Arts and Craft Movement: William Morris.

You may remember from last week's lesson, that he designed patterns inspired by nature. We would like you to focus on the colours he used and the subjects of his designs.

We have attached a clip for you to watch and some examples of his work.

Details of this week's task are included with the link to the clip.

 Examples of designs.docxDownload
 Task and Link.docxDownload
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Taking care of ourselves

These are very unusual times and some of us can become a little concerned or anxious about the changes we see happening around us. Perhaps you feel this way or perhaps someone you know feels like this. This lesson helps you to think about the concerns you might have and how you could deal with them, or help someone else to deal with their concerns.

Please read the Home Learning Guidance first.

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 My Control Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Pyramid of Priorities Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Showing Ourselves Gratitude.pdfDownload
 Support Networks.pdfDownload
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Changing Circuits: Symbols

So far, we have looked at creating some simple circuits and explored how we can change the components within a circuit e.g. making a bulb brighter or duller. This week, we are going to look at electrical symbols and use them to draw circuit diagrams.

We know that some of you will have seen some of the symbols before and may have even had a go at using some of them to draw a diagram. However, for others, this might not be familiar to you.

 Changing Circuits Slide3.pdfDownload
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This week we are going to look at Physical Features.

 Physical Features wk2.docxDownload
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Taking care of ourselves

It's really important to try and take care of ourselves physically by making sure that we do some exercise every day. This will also help us feel more positive as well as keeping us fit.

We know lots of you have been following Joe Wicks. Here are some more ideas and activities that you might like to give a try.

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