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Week Beginning 01.06.20

Hello everyone,

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your half term. Wasn't the weather beautiful?

We hope you have had the opportunity to watch the video on the Homepage and taken a look at the PowerPoint presentation on the 'Curriculum' page. We hope it's reassuring for those of you who will be returning to school soon.  

As promised, this week we have some new topics in science and art. We hope that you enjoy them!


Persuasive Writing

As part of your geography this week, you will need to write a persuasive letter. We have therefore attached some resources that will remind you about this style of writing and support you in completing this task.

 Example letter.docxDownload
 Persuasive Letter Writing.docxDownload
 Success Criteria.docxDownload
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Silent Letters

Our new focus is silent letters. There is also a new challenge list for those of you who need (or would like to) practise additional words.

 Challenge 17.pptxDownload
 Silent Letters.pptxDownload
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We hope some of you took the opportunity to explore some of the investigations from NRich before half term. You might like to re-visit this website from time to time to try out some more.

This week, we have added some more activities into the My Maths Y6 portal covering concepts in measure and statistics. Y5, you can also access the My Maths lessons on these concepts.

You could try collecting some data and creating some graphs of your own once you have practised the statistic skills. 

Remember Y6, you don't need to take any notice of the due date for any activities accessed through the portal. We have posted lots which you can work through at your own pace.


Romero Britto

Since we have been learning about Brazil, we thought you would enjoy some art connected with this country.

Roberto Britto was born in Brazil, although he is now based in Miami, USA. His artwork is very different to the artists of The Art and Craft Movement as you will see. His style is inspired by American/Disney.

He has a wonderful zest for life, which is a quality that many Brazilian people seem to share, demonstrated in the many festivals, including the annual Rio Carnival with its extravagant music, dance and costumes. This is very evident in his art.

We hope you enjoy this topic as we have enjoyed finding out about it!

 1 Romero Britto.pptxDownload
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Developing Healthy Habits

Whilst school has been closed, you may have given more thought to daily exercise and the food you eat.  This lesson aims to help you decide which healthy habits you would like to keep and what you might like to change, both now and in the future. 

 Developing healthy habits.docxDownload
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Evolution and Inheritance: Inheritance

This week, we start a new topic in science. We begin by exploring the concept of inheritance.

Watch the clip and fill in the blanks; read the slides; and then complete the task.

 Evolution and Inheritance Slide1.pdfDownload
 Family Traits.docxDownload
 Inheritance Link.docxDownload
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Brazil: Push and pull factors.

You might think from the title that this has something to do with science and the forces that we studied earlier this year. However, this is a different kind of 'push' and 'pull.' Learn all about it in this week's lesson.

 Push and Pull factors for wk 5.docxDownload
 Push and Pull factors slide5 .pdfDownload
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Ca va? 

This week, we are moving on to telling the time.  Read through the lesson information first before looking at the PowerPoints.

 Activity Sheets - Telling Time OClock and Half Past.docDownload
 Challenge Activity.docxDownload
 Lesson 3 UKS2.docxDownload
 PowerPoint 1 - Hour & Half-Hour.pptxDownload
 PowerPoint 2 - Quarter Past & Quarter To.pptxDownload
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