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Home Learning – Year 5 & 6 – Update                                                     Monday 6th April 2020

Classes: Elm, Yew, Oak

Easter Holidays

Hello everyone!

Things have been strange lately but we know the Easter Holidays start next week and we want you to enjoy being at home and having some fun. We do not expect you to work over Easter but we don't want you to be bored. How about doing some enjoyable activities? We could make some suggestions, such as planning and cooking a meal, watching the sun rise or writing a play. There are also lots of Easter activities you try:


Design Your Own Easter Eggs

Easter Chick Paper Model

Easter Egg Mindfulness Greetings Cards

Easter Jokes Matching Activity

Easter Multiplication Mosaics

Easter Recipe Booklet

KS2 Emoji Easter Holiday WriteUp

Spring Mindfulness Colouring Bookmarks


We won't be using our class Dojos over the Easter Holidays but we look forward to hearing from you at the beginning of the Summer Term!


Summer Term

We know how hard you have worked this year and it is important that you keep practising what you know and gaining new skills. The links, ideas and activities on this page can help you to learn from home. We will keep updating it with new ideas.

You might already be working to a timetable at home – or you may be finding it more difficult to organise learning. If you prefer a bit of structure to your day, here is an example of how you might like to work:

  • Reading – 20 minutes
  • Mathematics – practising of number facts, such as times tables – 20 minutes
  • Mathematics – practising skills taught as well as learning new concepts - 1 hour
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation – 20 minutes
  • Writing – 45 mins
  • Science or RE – 30 minutes
  • Topic project (history, geography, art, DT, music) – 30 minutes
  • PE – 40 minutes – or lots of short bursts!


‘Twinkl’ is an online learning platform that will enable you to have free access during the period of school closures and download activities. They have also produced learning packs that you may find useful. 

  • Twinkl Home Learning Hub:

  • Year 5 Learning Pack:

  • Year 6 Learning Pack:



Hamilton Trust:

Hamilton Trust has provided a comprehensive pack of resources, for Year 5 and Year 6, which covers all aspects of the English curriculum – writing, grammar and reading.


Here are some links to some exciting cross-curricular activities:

BBC Learning Links - English



Read books that you enjoy. Now is the time to read those books at home that you haven’t read. If you have a kindle, you could download some new books by authors you know or those you would like to try. If you don't have a kindle you can download a kindle APP to use.

We have included some reading comprehension starters to keep you going, this week:

Reading Starters

Here are some other suggestions for reading activities:

  • Write a book review – Who were the characters? What was the setting? What happened? What did you enjoy? Why? Who would you recommend this book to?
  • Design a new front cover for your book
  • Write an alternative ending
  • Describe one of the characters in detail with a picture.


Fiction Express:

Continue to enjoy some of the books on this site. We have provided each of you with personal login details (in your workbooks) so that you can choose books to read and complete some of the related activities.



Keep looking at your KS2 spelling lists. Please make sure that you are choosing at least 10 words per week to practise. Remember, there are lots of games that you can play to help you to remember spelling patterns.



Explore The Literacy Shed for inspiration to plan, write and edit a piece of creative writing to share:

Here are some links to writing competitions that you might like to enter:

Perhaps keep a diary. When we are all back to normal, it will be interesting for people – perhaps even those in future generations to read about what is happening just know and how you felt.



My Maths:     TT Rockstars

Y5: Use your personal login details for Times Tables Rockstars to practise your multiplication tables. You can also access My Maths using the following details:

username: shifnal, password: decimal

Continue to follow lessons which secure your understanding of the topics that we have done so far e.g. place value, addition, subtraction, short and long multiplication, short division, equivalent fractions, area and perimeter and statistics. If you feel secure with what you have learned so far, begin to explore further Y5 lessons about fractions.


Y6: To keep practising your arithmetic and reasoning, here are some questions for you to try. The mark schemes are included so you can check how you did:

100 Arithmetic Questions   Answers

100 Reasoning Questions     Answers

Use your personal logins for My Maths. Continue to complete lessons that revisit some of the topics that you might have found tricky e.g. place value, short multiplication, long and short division, order of operations, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, fraction, decimal and percentage equivalences. There is also homework that has already been posted on this site and will be added to. 

If you feel secure with what you have learned so far, begin to explore lessons about ratio:

If you or anyone at home needs to look up the meaning of a mathematical word, here is a maths dictionary which could help: Maths Dictionary



This website provides you with lots of ideas for investigations that can be completed at home. You might want to try ‘Slow the spinner,’ ‘Egg Parachute,’ ‘Water Cycle’ and ‘Raincloud in a jar.’

Science Sparks, Periodic Table:


Develop your understanding of Electricity by using the following links:

In Y3/4 you made some simple circuits. Revise circuits and learn how to make circuit diagrams.  Find out about switches and other components.

Watch this video about making a Burglar Alarm using a switch: 

Can you draw a circuit diagram that would work for a burglar alarm? Share it on your class Dojo!

Research: Find out about Charles Darwin who was born in Shrewsbury. Who was he and what were his theories?


Religious Education:

As we approach Easter, retell the Easter story from the viewpoint of one of the eyewitnesses e.g. Peter, Mary, Pilate or a Roman Centurion. This could take the form of a diary.

Topmarks, Easter Story



Don’t forget to keep active. These websites might offer you some good ideas and activities:

Here are some fun 5 minute workouts for kids by Joe Wicks – a great way to start your working day!

Just Dance on YouTube

The Body Coach TV on YouTube



Use items around the home such as torn paper from magazines or foil from sweet wrappers to create a collage of the River Severn. Don't forget to show some of the features, such as meanders. We'd love to see your pictures!


We will continue to stay in touch and provide everybody with more activities as and when they are needed.

Do get in touch through your class Dojo and share some of the things that you have been doing.

With our very best wishes to you all and everyone in your household.