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LKS2 Summer Term Week 6 Home Learning

Hello and welcome back! We've made it to the final half term of this academic year. How did that happen? We hope you had a wonderful, restful and enjoyable half-term break.


We will see the return of some children back to school over the coming weeks, if you're one of them make sure you've taken a look at the presentation on the curriculum page telling you all about how things have changed in school. We hope you've had a chance to watch the staff's video message to you on the home page too. Did you manage to spot your teacher?


As you can imagine, staff have been and will be very busy preparing your home learning, preparing activities for the children who are in school and teaching the children in school  so although we would still love to see your home learning work on dojo, please be patient with us, we will reply to your messages when we are able to do so.


So, let's go. Who's ready for another week of learning?



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Year 3

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Year 4

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Year 3

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Year 4

Continue to use  Numbots, TTRockstars and Topmarks Hit the Button to keep your mental maths skills sharp.

We are starting work on representing parts of a whole using decimal notation this week. Use your place value knowledge to help you. Look at this BBC Bitesize page to support you further and when you feel confident you could try this game.

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Let's finish our States Of Matter topic.

What's the matter? You'll soon find out!

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Try this online music lesson from the Oak Academy

Week 6 Music




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