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LKS2 Picnic Information

We are looking forward to seeing you at our picnics!!!

Year 3 on Wednesday 15th July 11am -12pm

Year 4 On Wednesday 15th July 1pm -2pm


  • On arrival at school, please leave your child at the green entrance gate. There will be a member of staff to meet them there.
  • Children will need to follow the yellow markings to the green gate next to Pine Class where a member of staff will be waiting for them.
  • Children will walk around the outside of school on to the field where gazebos will be set up ready to for class groups. Adults will be on hand to direct them.
  • On arrival in their group, children will be asked to use hand sanitiser and sit at a distance from others.
  • Children will not be able to enter school so please ensure they have used the toilet before arrival at school.
  • Children will be asked to use hand sanitiser before leaving school.


  • On collection, we ask please that parents enter school grounds via the green entrance gate, follow the white markings toward the EYFS gate, through the gate and up the steps onto the KS1 playground where children will be waiting. Your child will be sent over to you and as quickly as possible. Please leave immediately via the green gate, following the orange markings out of school grounds whilst maintaining 2m distance.  
  • Children who are already in school in Key Club will be taken out to meet their Class bubble by a member of staff. 

Don’t forget to bring something to sit on – maybe a small cushion or even a plastic bag! You also will need to bring a small picnic with a drink all of which you can open by yourself. You can wear your own clothes. We will be outside and I'm sure the weather will be beautiful, but remember to dress appropriately!


All of the LKS2 staff are so excited to see you and chat to you about what you have been doing since we last met. We also know you are very excited to see your friends! Just remember to remain 2m away from them.

You will also get a chance to say hello to your teacher for next year!

Not long to wait now! See you next week!