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Please find provision for the five remaining days of term. Each day, your teacher will introduce the day's tasks via ClassDojo. You may chose to stay inline with the daily tasks or you may need to do your learning at different times. 

By uploading to the website and to ClassDojo, we hope that it allows you some flexibility. 


English English Vocabulary | British Council

English Lesson 1 - The Unlucky Man

Please follow the link above. In today's task, we will be listening and responding to the story.


English Lesson 2 - The Unlucky Man

In today's lesson we will be retelling the story using a new method!


English Lesson 3 - The Unlucky Man

In this lesson, we will be exploring the character of the unlucky man from the perspectives of other characters in the story.


English Lesson 4 - The Unlucky Man

In this lesson, we will be revealing the character of the unlucky man through the thoughts and feelings of other characters.


English Lesson 5 - The Unlucky Man

In this lesson, we will be making inferences about the characters of both the unlucky man and the wise man based on what is said and done by himself and other characters in the story.


Maths  Is Maths Mastery Right for the EYFS? | Learning and Development | Teach  Early Years


Maths task 1 - Estimating and Measuring in Litres

We have selected which lessons are relevant and appropriate from this unit, so although there are ten lessons we will be focusing on the selected five. Beginning with this one on estimating and measuring in litres, which the children began learning about last week.


Maths Task 2 - Solving problems involving litres


Maths Task 3 - Measure using millilitres


Maths Task 4 - Comparing and ordering in millilitres and litres


Maths Task 5 - Consolidating and reviewing


  10 Cutting Tools for Crafters

In the afternoons we will be doing lots of art and craft activities and movement breaks.  We have chosen some activities that require minimal craft materials. We've tried to keep it to paper, scissors and things that you may have around the house. 


How to make an easy paper ice cream


Seven simple paper crafts - which one will you choose?

 Flower Pot Model Instructions.pdfDownload
 Flower Pot Paper Model.pdfDownload
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You could try some paper doodling to keep your fingers busy and learn some new skills! Follow this link



Children Dancing Stock Illustrations – 7,044 Children Dancing Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

PE - Dance unit to keep active

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

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