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Hello Year 1

What an exciting week we had last week with the discovery of a very special egg in the school grounds.  Your instructions will be sent to the expert this week and we will wait to see what will happen next! 

It is World Book Day on March 8th - the website - has a huge amount of activities, stories and more.  Have a look and see if you can find your favourite author or book.  We are going to take part in some activities on Thursday this week but plan to celebrate the day officially once we are all back together.  We intend to do this on Friday 12th March.  Instead of dressing as a character on the 12th, this year we will be getting comfy and cosy with a book.  There will be a competition to enter (which we will launch on Thursday) and a day full of activities.  

Here we are in the final week of remote learning! One more week and then we are all back together again!




In English we are continuing to write our instructions on 'How to look after a Dragon.'  We will also be writing a postcard and  a letter once something magical happens to our egg! Its going to be a very exciting! Please follow English Week 8 planning to guide you through this week's activities. Each day a video will be uploaded to class dojo to give you more updates and news and go through the days lesson.  

 English week 8.pdfDownload
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 Monday- Looking after a dragon powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Tuesday 2nd March-Postcard.pdfDownload
 Wednesday- draw your dragon and describe it.pdfDownload
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We are continuing Phase 5 in our Phonics lessons.  This is something that is taught everyday in Year 1, with at least three sounds introduced each week.

Daily lessons attached here...

 Phonics week 8.pdfDownload
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We do a LOT of sorting between nonsense and real words in Year 1.  Have a look at Phonics Play as we use it a lot at school.  Lots of games to choose from and they are offering free access to their site again due to lockdown.  Games such as Dragon's Den, Picnic on Pluto and Buried treasure are fantastic for practising blending.  


This week we will be looking at Plural Nouns.

Open the Powerpoint and we will talk you through the activities.  There are some worksheets to practise using plural nouns below. 



 plural nouns.pdfDownload
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Shropshire Music Service have sent us some music lessons that you can have a go at whilst you're at home. Follow the links on the page and enjoy. We'd love to see some videos of you playing along!

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We will practise spelling each week based on the sounds that we have learnt in phonics.

 Week 8 spelling list.pdfDownload
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Reading comprehension

We would normally be working towards guided reading groups at this point in the year.  These groups are when we get chance to really start working on our reading comprehension together.  We would do this once a week.  Try the reading comprehension activity below.  They cover sounds that we have already covered in class.




 Home Alone.pdfDownload
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In Year 1 this week we are continuing our unit on - Measure

Please read through Year 1 Maths Week 8 below to guide you through this week's lessons. 

 Year 1 Maths Week 8.pdfDownload
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 Friday challenge.pdfDownload
 Friday worksheet.pdfDownload
 Monday worksheet.pdfDownload
 Tuesday worksheet.pdfDownload
 Wednesday worksheet.pdfDownload
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This week are beginning our plants and growing topic in Science. You need to gather some different leaves from outside to create a leaf collage.

 leaf outlines.pdfDownload
 Science wk 8.pdfDownload
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This week we will be looking at a gurdwara: where Sikhs worship, making a dragon mask and thinking about World Book Day On Thursday 4th March.

Read through Topic planning wk 8 in the file list below to guide you through this week's activities.

 Monday gurdwara-temple-activity-sheet-.pdfDownload
 Thursday The-Hueys-in-the-New-Jumper.pdfDownload
 Topic planning wk 8.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Dragon-Mask-Line-Art.pdfDownload
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We have loved the dance lessons, but now we have finished our routine it's time to move on! We will start our new unit when we return to school  so this week we will send you a link to our session through Dojo on Wednesday.

PE Passport link is below.  Resources include different challenges and video clips.  You can have a look here...

Of course PE with Joe is on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am for 20 mins.  We will be getting involved at school too.

We also use these websites for mind or movement breaks.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Super Movers

Jump Start Jonny


We are continuing to think about Living in the Wider World and rules. This week can you compare rules at home, to rules in school and rules that you may have to follow elsewhere.

 pshe planning wk 8.pdfDownload
 rules wk 8.pdfDownload
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Useful Websites

These are some useful website links for Year 1.  We use a lot of these in school with the children.

Games for phonics/maths/literacy