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Hello Ash and Chestnut Class!

Here we are in Week 3! Thank you for your fabulous photos of all your hard work at home.  Your castle creations have amazed us all.  This week we will be learning all about KNIGHTS in our topic lessons.  Lots of you were keen to find out more about knights. 

Please find the week's activities for all subjects below.  We will introduce each day's activities on Dojo in the morning - this will be in line with our own weekly timetable that the children in school will be following.  Phonics and reading are taught daily alongside the other subjects.  The webpage below will allow you to see an overview of the week if you wish to pick and choose from the different areas to suit your own schedule.  We will be setting 2dos on PurpleMash matched to each week's learning so don't forget to log in and have a look.  

More daily lessons across all subject areas are still available to dip into on BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy if you require them.

Have a great week and don't forget to stay in touch!


This week, we are thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk! Read through English Week 3 below to guide you through the lessons. We will be thinking about identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives.

The powerpoints have audio on each slide of us reading the information aloud for the children. 

Look for this icon  on each slide

 adjective word cards.pdfDownload
 English week 3 Year 1.pdfDownload
 Noun hunt.pdfDownload
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We started Phase 5 in our Phonics lessons last week.  This is something that is taught everyday in Year 1, with at least three sounds introduced each week.

Daily lessons attached here...

 Phonics week 3.pdfDownload
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We do a LOT of sorting between nonsense and real words in Year 1 building towards the Phonics Screener in June.  Have a look at Phonics Play as we use it a lot at school.  Lots of games to choose from and they are offering free access to their site again due to lockdown.  Games such as Dragon's Den, Picnic on Pluto and Buried treasure are fantastic for practising blending.  

Grammar                                  This week we will be using 'and' to join words and clauses. A lot of you are trying to do this with your sentences at the moment.  Open the Powerpoint and Mrs Lambert will talk you through the activities.  We have included an extra sheet for extra practise too.  


 Recognising 'and' practise.pdfDownload
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We will practise spelling each week based on the sounds that we learnt in phonics the week before.

 Week 3 spelling list.docxDownload
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Reading comprehension

We would normally be working towards guided reading groups at this point in the year.  These groups are when we get chance to really start working on our reading comprehension together.  We would do this once a week.  Try the reading comprehension activity below.  They cover sounds that we have already covered in class.




 Zoom to the Moon.pdfDownload
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In Year 1 this week we will continue with addition and subtraction within 20.  Please read through Year 1 Maths Week 3 below to guide you through this week's lessons. Just like last week, most work can be recorded directly into your books. 

We have uploaded extra sheets for those who would like extra practise. These will be included in the printed packs in the foyer.


 Add by making 10 - extra.pdfDownload
 blank ten frames.pdfDownload
 Forwards Fred Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Oak independent task Monday.pdfDownload
 Oak Independent task Wednesday.pdfDownload
 Subtraction crossing 10 - extra practise.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Maths Week 3.pdfDownload
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We are drawing and labelling our senses this week!  Take a look at Super Senses Week 2 to guide you through the week's activities. 

 Senses walk.docDownload
 Super Senses Week 2.docxDownload
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If you're at home missing science and wanting to do more -  you could take a look at “Let’s Go Live with Maddie & Greg” which is a live family science show on YouTube hosted by Maddie Moate & Greg Foot.  They do three live sessions a week on a Monday, Weds and Fri.  All episodes are available on their Youtube channel (link above).




This week we are going to be thinking about knights! Have a go at making your own knight, learning about a knight's armour, designing your own coat of arms and singing a knight song!

Refer to Topic wk 3 to guide you through the week's activities.


 Brave Knight Song.mp3Download
 Brave Knight Song.pptxDownload
 knights armour.pptxDownload
 topic wk 3.pdfDownload
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We all seemed to enjoy this weeks PE lesson.  We will upload this week's link on Wednesday via Dojo for you all to access.

PE Passport link is below.  Resources include different challenges and video clips.  You can have a look here...

Of course PE with Joe is back and live from January 11th every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am for 20 mins.  We will be getting involved at school too.

We also use these websites for mind or movement breaks.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Super Movers

Jump Start Jonny

Useful Websites

These are some useful website links for Year 1.  We use a lot of these in school with the children.

Games for phonics/maths/literacy