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Week 12   

It's the final week of term - and it's the final week of home learning!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on surviving recent months.  We appreciate that it has been challenging and time consuming whilst juggling all your other commitments.  Thank you so much for your generous support, patience and communication via ClassDojo.  We've planned some lighter activities this week with it being the final week of term. 

We will be uploading some summer holiday activities next week.

Don't forget it is the Key Stage One Picnic on Monday 13th July where we will all get the chance to come together one last time before the summer holidays.  The school will be closed to Year 1s and Year 6s Monday - Wednesday to accommodate all the year group's picnics.  School will reopen for the last day of term on Thursday 16th July to those attending currently.


Please find details of the KS1 picnic below...

 KS1 Picnic Details.docxDownload
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It is the end of term and we know you are getting tired.  We've put some suggestions together for you to try this week.  We would like you to spend some time thinking about coming back to school in September.  Now you know what class you are in, that might be easier to picture!

The first three tasks are for your next teacher.  Take a photo and send them to us through Dojo and we will be happy to share them.


Task 1

You could draw a portrait of yourself and tell your new teacher who your friends are and your favourite subjects at school.  There is a template but don't feel you have to use that format!

 This is me.docxDownload
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Task 2 

You could tell your teacher what you enjoy doing out of school. 

Year 1s - You could draw pictures and label them, or write a short sentence for each. 

Year 2s - You could explain your activities in more detail!

Template below if you wish to use it.

 Outside school.docxDownload
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Task 3

A note for my teacher...

You could write to your next teacher to tell them a little bit more about you.

What are you most looking forward to next year?

Is there anything you are feeling worried about?


Task 4

We thought that you might like to practise some calculating by making a fortune teller.  You could use the templates below or make your own.  The instructions are in each pdf.  Your own can be as challenging as you like!  Test your parents!

 Maths Add and Subtract a multiple of 10..pdfDownload
 Maths Add and Subtract within 20..pdfDownload
 Maths Add three 1 digit numbers.pdfDownload
 Maths Multiplication and division facts of 2s, 5s and 10s.pdfDownload
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Task 5

We have picked out some Nrich maths investigations to get you thinking!

One Big Triangle

Butterfly Flowers

Robot Monsters


Task 6

An artist that we would have liked to have shared with you is Wassily Kandinsky.

You can learn more about him in the Powerpoint below and even have a go at creating some squares with concentric circles! 


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Here's one we made earlier...

Please take a look at this website with some ideas of how to create a Kandinsky masterpiece.  You can use whichever medium you have at home (paint, wax crayons, felt pens, felt, paper, watercolours).

Task 7

For those of you who would like to practise your phonics skills...

 AW phonics.pdfDownload
 EW phonics.pdfDownload
 IR phonics.pdfDownload
 OU phonics.pdfDownload
 UE phonics 1.pdfDownload
 UE phonics.pdfDownload
 WH phonics.pdfDownload
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Don't forget to ask if you need help with printing! We are happy to help.