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Mrs Tench and Miss Ordidge have prepared a pack of activities that you can try at home for Sports Week.  Get everyone involved and challenge yourselves.  We look forward to the photo evidence!

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Week 11    

It's Sports Week!

We are very excited about the activities this week and have had a lot of fun pulling them all together.  We hope you have as much fun doing them!  We look forward to receiving lots of photos of your endeavours. 

Don't forget it is the Key Stage One Picnic on Monday 13th July where we will all get the chance to come together one last time before the summer holidays.  The school will be closed to Year 1s and Year 6s Monday - Wednesday to accommodate all the year group's picnics.  School will reopen for the last day of term on Thursday 16th July to those attending currently.

Don't forget there are plenty of daily online lessons available through Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize and White Rose Home Learning that you can dip into if you need/wish.


Task 1

What is a Sportsperson?

Take a look at this clip of Helena Lucas being interviewed by schoolboy Oscar. 

Can you list all the sports and/or sportspeople mentioned in the video? 

What is Helena Lucas famous for?

What sportspeople do you know and admire, and why? Maybe you recognise these sports personalities...



Task 2

In the video, Oscar says that he would like to be a professional footballer because he likes it, he's good at it and he can keep going with it.  His greatest achievement would be to win the World Cup for England.

If you could be a sportsperson - which sport would you choose and why.  What would your greatest achievement be? 

We asked the KS1 team the same question...

Mrs Brettle would have liked to have been a 100m sprinter because she lives life in the fast lane.

Mrs W. Jones would have liked to have been a footballer so that she could have kept her Dad happy.

Mrs M. Jones would have liked to be a tennis player because she loves strawberries and Pimms.

Mrs Day would have liked to be a show jumper because she prefers horses to people!

Mrs Smith would have liked to have been a netball player because she likes throwing things.


Task 3

Now - this short animation is about a very famous sportsperson.  Your mums and dads will remember him and you might recognise him.  While you are watching - have a think about what qualities and support he needed on his journey to success...

The Boy Who Learned to Fly.

Usain Bolt had great success in his career.  This is a clip of him achieving the world record for 100m sprint in 2009.   Watch him fly!!!

We would like you to draw a picture of yourself winning and write a paragraph about the qualities and help you would need to become a world class champion in your chosen sport.  

Think about: the effort, hard work, time taken, training, equipment, advice and support that you would need to achieve your goal.


Task 4

Some sportspeople like to celebrate a victory in a special way.  This is Usain Bolt doing his 'Lightening Bolt'.  There are some videos of others below for you to take a look at...


Mo Farah and the Mobot

Peter Crouch and the Robot

England Roses Win

Venezuelan Bike


We would love to see your celebration so get thinking, practising and performing. Send us a clip or a photo on Dojo, see if you can get your family members to join in the fun!


More sporty tasks below...  

  • We've created a game called Ping Pong Plastic Cups.  Take a look and have a go at making it at home to play.
  • Why don't you create your own game - you'll need a name and instructions for how to play.
  • Design your own sports kit for a sport of your choice - there are lots of templates online.
  • In the file list please find a sporty maths challenge 'Mystery of the Sports Day Trophy' for years 1 and 2 this week.
  • Sporty maths word problems.
  • There is a sporty reading comprehension task too.
  • Can you think of any similes for Usain Bolt's running? He was as fast as...  He ran like... He was as quick as...


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 Year 1 - Mystery of the Sports Day Trophy.pdfDownload
 Year 1 - Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - Mystery of the Sports Day Trophy.pdfDownload
 Year 2 - Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
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Year 2s - If you'd like some online lessons this week - there are some good lessons on Oak Academy looking at calculation methodsJust scroll down to 'Exploring Calculation Strategies'.

If you are missing spellings and grammar this week, we have popped them on the file list below...

 Year 1 Apply -Comparing-and-Correcting-'-ing'-'-ed'-'-er'.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Contraction Presentation.pptDownload
 Year 1 PPT-Comparing-and-Correcting-'-ing'-'-ed'-'-er'.pptxDownload
 Year 1 Practise -Comparing-and-Correcting-'-ing'-'-ed'-'-er'.pdfDownload
 YEAR 1 Week 11 spelling list.docxDownload
 Year 2 Apply -Compare-and-Order-Comparatives-and-Superlatives.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Practise -Compare-and-Order-Comparatives-and-Superlatives.pdfDownload
 YEAR 2 Week 11 spelling list.docxDownload
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Please find details of the KS1 picnic below...

 KS1 Picnic Details.docxDownload
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