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Week 9    

Hello everyone!  

It has been lovely to speak to some of you over the last few days.  Thank you to everyone that responded to our Home Learning Survey.  The feedback we received is really important to us - we want to do the best that we can for you all.  It has been really helpful to find out what you are using and enjoying.  We have found out that you are liking video clips, interactive activities and practical tasks such as our topic work, art and crafts, and science experiments. We will make sure that we keep including lots of these!  We have found out that you are missing seeing us so we are going to start posting a video message on ClassDojo each week.  We are also going to make sure that the home learning is uploaded to the website before Monday morning - so you have more time to get ready for the week ahead.  Lots of you are using daily online lessons available elsewhere too which is great!  

We have had some fantastic dragon stories sent in last week - thank you.  The children in school have loved creating their own too.  Maths this week is moving into solving word problems.  Perhaps once you have solved the ones set for you, you could write your own word problem to challenge your teacher!  We do like a challenge!  Arts and Crafts Corner with Mrs Jones has been a big hit too!  No surprises there!  Take a look at this week's activity - we can't wait to see some of your creations!  

Remember that daily lessons are available to dip into on BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy and White Rose Home Learning. 

Hopefully the sun is going to shine this week! 



Please read English Week 9 to guide you through this week's activities.

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Year 1                                                   

adding 'ing', 'er' and 'ed'

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Year 2

adding 'er' for Comparative Adjectives.

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Year 2 Reading Comprehension


A new text this week – The Odyssey.  Retold by Louie Stowell.


Lesson 1 – To retrieve information.

Lesson 2 – To find the meaning of words.




Daily phonics lessons are live on YouTube with Letters and Sounds for Home and School. These lessons are aimed at Year 1 children but would prove as useful revision for Year 2 children too.

Tune in every week day for a phonics lesson at 10:30am.  There is an extra lesson on blending for those who want more practise at 11am


In Year 1 this week... 

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In Year 2 this week... 

Please read through Multiplication Year 2 Week 9 to guide you through this week's activities.                                   

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Science                         Hello Weather Watchers!

We are ready for the sunshine this week!  Please read Weather Watchers Week 4 to guide you through this week's activities.

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Arts and Crafts Corner

with Mrs W. Jones  

Make your own Flip Flops! 


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