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Week 4 

Hello all! 

We hope you all had fun celebrating VE Day on Friday.  Lots of people were dressed up and houses were decorated - there were picnics in gardens, flags hung everywhere, music playing and even a bit of singing later on.  A fantastic day to remember.  Thank you for taking the time to send us some of your VE Day pictures. We have loved seeing them all! 

Thank you for all of your photos and messages this week.  There are some very creative sunflower diaries out there.  Plenty of detailed crime reports too!  The BBC Bitesize Daily lessons, Oak National Academy lessons and Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor lessons  are still proving popular and we would encourage you to make use of these if you wish. 

Have a lovely week and stay safe!


This week, we are continuing with our unit of work on Julia Donaldson stories.

Please read English Week 4 to guide you through this week's activities.

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 Activity 4 Design a broom.docxDownload
 Activity 5 Room-on-your-broom Dream Team.pdfDownload
 English Week 4.docxDownload
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Year 1                                                   

What is a question?


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Year 2

Apostrophes continued...

Plural or possessive?


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 Year 1 Term 3A Week 4 - Presentation.pptxDownload
 YEAR 1 Week 4 spelling list.docxDownload
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 Year 2 Term 3A Week 4 Presentation.pptDownload
 YEAR 2 Week 4 spelling list.docxDownload
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Year 2 Reading Comprehension



 Year 2 Firework Makers Daughter Week 2 Retrieve info.docxDownload
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Daily phonics lessons are live on YouTube with Letters and Sounds for Home and School. These lessons are aimed at Year 1 children but would prove as useful revision for Year 2 children too.

Tune in every week day for a phonics lesson at 10:30am.  There is an extra lesson on blending for those who want more practise at 11am


In Year 1 this week...


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In Year 2 this week...

Read through POSITION AND DIRECTION Year 2 Week 4 to guide you through the activities.


 Make turns Task4.docxDownload
 Pirates challenge left-right.pdfDownload
 Pirates challenge quarter turns clockwise-anti.pdfDownload
 POSITION AND DIRECTION Year 2 Week 4.docxDownload
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White Rose Resources requested by parents

 Y2 WO7-Find-the-total-2019.pdfDownload
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Open Plant Detectives Week 4       

 #Lesson Presentation WEEK 4 Cress.pptDownload
 Plant Detectives Week 4.docxDownload
 Week 4 Cress observations.docxDownload
 Week 4 Cress prediction.docxDownload
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We would be continuing our unit on Sikhism...


 RE - Sikhism part 2.docxDownload
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