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Week 2

Hello everyone!  

We have loved seeing how busy you have all been over the last week.  We can see that you have been doing some of the activities that we have set - well done!  The Charles II wigs were particularly eye catching and the models of flowering plants were very creative!  Thank you for the feedback that we have been getting - it is really useful to find out which resources you are using regularly and finding useful. 

We look forward to receiving more photos and messages this week.


Last week we started our new topic and were finding out about King Charles II.

Take a look at the document below and see if you can complete any of the tasks set.

There is an interesting podcast about King Charles II and the Restoration that the children might enjoy listening to.  Thank you to Mrs Shepherd for finding this!


 English week2.docxDownload
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Year 1 - Commands with exclamations

We are attaching practise questions with the Powerpoint but please don't feel that you have to print them all out and complete them.  Just writing a number of command sentences with exclamations would be great practise.  Or sorting sentences - identifying those that are commands.


 Lesson Powerpoint Commands with exclamations.pptxDownload
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Year 2 - Apostrophes - using simple contractions

We are attaching practise questions with the Powerpoint but please don't feel that you have to print them all out and complete them.  Amending sentences to include contractions is good practise.

We did not know that the school would close.

We didn't know that the school would close.


 Year 2-Lesson PPT-Using-Simple-Contractions.pptxDownload
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Including some Powerpoints that help support the spelling lists.  We can attach these each week if you find them useful.

 Year 1 Week 2 Presentation.pptDownload
 YEAR 1 Week 2 spelling list.docxDownload
 Year 2 Week 2 PowerPoint.pptDownload
 YEAR 2 Week 2 spelling list.docxDownload
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This week, daily phonics lessons are live on YouTube with Letters and Sounds for Home and School.  These lessons are aimed at Year 1 children but would prove as useful revision for Year 2 children too.  Tune in every week day for a phonics lesson at 10:30am.

There is an extra lesson on blending for those who want more practise at 11am.


This week in Year 1...


 Maths 27th April week 2.docxDownload
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 Counting to and across 100.pdfDownload
 Missing numbers 100 square.pdfDownload
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In Year 2, we would be continuing with our Shape unit.  Read through 'SHAPE Year 2 Week 2' document to guide you through this week's tasks.


 2D shape symmetry Task 1 example.docxDownload
 SHAPE Year 2 Week 2.docxDownload
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Plant Detectives. 

Read through 'Plant Detectives Week 2' to guide you through the activities.

 Plant Detectives Week 2.docxDownload
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 #Lesson Presentation Seeds and Bulbs.pptDownload
 Activity Sheet Plant Growth Prediction Editable.docDownload
 Activity Sheet Wild Plant Hunt Editable.docDownload
 Garden plants - pics and names.docDownload
 Lesson Presentation Wild Plants.pptDownload
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