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Easter in KS1

Hello everybody!

The Easter holidays are here and the sun is out!  

We know how hard you have all been working and can see all of the fun that you have been having.  We've put together some activities that you could try at home over the Easter holidays.  You can send photos of your efforts to our ClassDojo - we can't wait to see them!

We know how great you are at bingo!  Have a look at our Easter version - how many can you complete?

 EASTER BINGO.docxDownload
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Ever heard of an Easter tree?  Did you know there is an old German tradition of decorating trees and bushes with eggs? The egg is a symbol of new life all over the world so the eggs represent new Spring life in the garden. In Germany, eggs are hung on branches of trees and bushes outside.  Branches are also brought inside the home and decorated.  Could you make your own Easter tree? You could make your Easter Eggs from paper.  You can decorate your eggs with pencils, felt-tips or even paint. 

Here are some ideas how you can make an Easter Tree.

  • If you have a large plant in your house you could decorate that.
  • If you have a large tree you could bring a couple of branches inside and decorate them (you could even paint the branches too!)
  • If you have some small bushes you could decorate them outside.
  • If you haven’t the facilities to make an Easter tree you can draw a tree.

How about some chocolate challenges. 

  • You could design your own chocolate bar.  What ingredients would you use and why? What will the packaging look like?  How much will it cost?
  • Try making some chocolate playdough - what models can you make? An egg? An Easter bunny? A chick?
  • Create a fact file all about chocolate - you are fabulous at fact files.  Where does chocolate come from? Who invented it? Why do we have Easter eggs? Tell us some interesting chocolate facts.  

What about some eggy science experiments?  There are some egg-cellent and egg-citing ones on the Science Sparks website.  I'm sure you will egg-ree (that one is a push).  Take a look and have a go!

Need a break from the Easter theme? 

We know how much you love writing.  There are some fantastic competitions that you could enter.  Young Writers have extended their closure dates - take a look.

How about a Lego challenge? Or how about 30 Lego challenges?!

 LEGO Building Challenge.pdfDownload
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Have a fabulous Easter break.  We miss you all!  Hopefully we will be back in the classroom before too long.  Until then - have fun! 

Stay safe and well.

Love from the KS1 team x