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Week Beginning 29th June

*** Log onto Tapestry to find details of our 'End of Year Picnic' ***

Hello EYFS! 

We hope you are all well.

As always, we enjoyed seeing your work last week and have been super impressed by your seaside creations. The floating and sinking challenge seemed to be a huge hit. We loved watching the excitement on your faces as you tested your homemade boats in the bath, sink or paddling pool!

We are busy putting some of your work on our display in school so everyone can see how hard you've all be working. Please keep sending in what you've done via Tapestry. Thank you for the pictures we have received so far.

Continuing our mini theme this week, we take a dive into the deep blue sea. Swim along with sea creatures, create an under the sea scene, investigate how fish breathe and have bubbles of fun! 

This week’s story is “Commotion in the Ocean” by Giles Andreae.

There's a curious commotion, at the bottom of the ocean. You'll find every sort of creature that lives beneath the sea in this book. Listen here.

Keep your eyes peeled for Miss Mullinder reading our story of the week on Tapestry. 

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Supporting Documents 

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 How Fish Breathe Experiment 1.pdfDownload
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