St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Respecting one another and learning together, to be the best that we can be


Together with our core values of RESPECT, FRIENDSHIP and PERSEVERANCE we encourage children to meet the challenges of life ahead by fostering positive attitudes towards one another, acquiring knowledge and skills and promoting a life long enthusiasm for learning.

Ultimately, we want our children to leave us as confident and happy individuals; ready to embrace the next phase of their education





Maths and Calculation:         Calculation Policy

                                                 Calculating Policy Guidance

                                                 Maths Policy

                                                 Progression in Calculations - EYFS

                                                 Progression in Calculations - Yr1-Yr6


Whole School Planning:        RE Long Term Plan

                                                 Whole School Long Term Planning - Year B

                                                 Yr3, 4 Long Term Plan - English - Year A

                                                 Yr5, 6 Long Term Plan - English - Year A

                                                 Yr6 Mathematics Long Term Plan

                                                 Yr3 Mathematics Long Term Plan

                                                 Yr4 Mathematics Long Term Plan


 EYFS Planning:                    English RECEPTION Autumn A

                                                 English RECEPTION Autumn B

                                                 English RECEPTION Spring A

                                                 English RECEPTION Summer B

                                                 Maths Long Term Plans Reception

                                                 MTP Maths Reception Autumn

                                                 MTP Maths Reception Spring

                                                 MTP Maths Reception Summer

                                                 Rolling Programme Reception Mini Themes







                                                 Marking Class Guidance

                                                 Marking & Feedback

                                                 Homework Policy