St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Respecting one another and learning together, to be the best that we can be

Park Lane, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 9HD



Staff List

All of the staff would like to welcome parents, children and visitors to the school:


Mrs A MacMillan              Headteacher


Mrs M Jones                      Class 1

Miss J Hassler                   Class 2 Assistant Headteacher (KS1)

Mrs W Jones                      Class 3                                                                                   

Miss C Mullinder               Class 4                                                                                  

Mrs D  Rondel                   Class 5                                                                  

Mrs S Oates                      Class 6                                                          

Mrs W Smith                     Class 7                                                                  

Mr P Lambert                    Class 8                                                                                  

Mrs D Johnson                  Class 9   SENCo                                  

Mrs S Stephenson             Class 10 Assistant Headteacher (KS2) 

Mrs S Vanes                      Class 5 & Intervention 

Mrs A Smith                      Maternity              


Mrs T Hammond              Business Manager

Mrs S Arscott                   School Administrator


Mrs V Beal                         HLTA

Ms L Hansen                     HLTA

Mrs J Polak                        HLTA

Mrs R Brettle                     HLTA

Miss R Shephard                HLTA

Mrs S Roger                       Teaching Assistant (P/T)

Mrs E Walker                     Teaching Assistant (P/T)

Mrs V Owen                       Teaching Assistant (P/T)

Mrs S Higgins                    Teaching Assistant (P/T)

Mrs S Law                          Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Smith                       Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Day                          Teaching Assistant (P/T)


Site Manager                    Mr M Spiers


Dinner Supervisors:          Mrs S Law, Mrs G Day, Mr M Spiers, Mrs R Chatter, Mrs K Preen, Mrs C Foale Jones.


School Cook                      Mrs J Watton